Our Company

PDP Solutions, LLC is a company formed and run by experienced healthcare executives who have long, successful histories of forming and growing businesses in joint venture partnership with surgeons as well as building and operating businesses in the medical device industry. The Company, based in Nashville, Tennessee, is located in the hub and birthplace of a large number of the nation’s leading healthcare corporations, many of which PDP has developed strong business relationships.

PDP creates Direct Purchasing Organizations (DPOs) to replace the traditional supply chain and delivers cost savings through aligning interests of the patient, physician, hospital and payor. The Company is currently focused on working with physicians in the musculoskeletal service line. After several years working with top legal firms to create a model that would represent the “best practices” from a health care regulatory point of view, the Company is growing nationally through its strong physician ventures and hospital relationships.

The Company is continuously targeting additional markets to deploy its joint venture business model. The Company is expanding the number of high-quality devices and biologics from an ever-growing number of manufacturers, and is adding medical products provided by progressive manufacturers that have a parallel vision toward bending the cost curve for musculoskeletal products.

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